GESHARY COFFEE INC. (hereafter, “we”) recognizes the importance of safeguarding personal information in the highly innovative information society, and is committed to safeguarding the personal information obtained through our operation and the personal information provided through inquiries to us under the following privacy policy (“Policy”).

  1. Intended use of personal information.
    We will use the personal information you provided for the following purposes.

    1. Regarding the personal information provided to us through our operation.
      1. For communication regarding the opinions and inquiries received. (including conducting identification)
      2. For informing of any changes to our Code, this Policy, etc.
      3. To respond to acts in violation of our Code, this Policy, etc.
      4. For studying users’ behavior and traffic.
    2. Regarding the personal information of job applicants.
      1. To provide recruitment information, recruitment selection, and confirmation of application history.
      2. For human resources and management, if job applicants join us.
  2. Provide personal information to third parties.
    We will not provide personal information to a third party unless we obtain the consent of the person in advance or as requested by the court of laws.
  3. Safety management measures.
    We manage the personal information you provided as follows.

    1. The Company shall maintain the accuracy of personal information and manage it securely.
    2. We take appropriate information security measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc., to prevent personal information from being lost, destroyed, falsified, or leaked.
    3. We do not leak personal information by bringing it out and sending it outside.
    4. We will instruct our executives and employees on how to appropriately manage personal information and thoroughly handle personal information in our work.
  4. To form organization, structure, and compliance with laws and regulations.
    We will strictly observe laws, regulations, and other norms, protect and handle personal information appropriately in our daily operations to our executives and employees.
  5. Disclosing personal information, content.
    We will disclose any personal information requested by the person in question following the Personal Information Protection Law to the person after confirming that the person in question made the request. (We will notify you of this when the relevant personal information does not exist.) However, this is not the case if we are not obliged to disclose due to the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws. Please be advised that we charge a reasonable amount of fees for disclosing personal information, taking actual costs into account.
  6. Correction, suspension, and erasure of personal information.
    1. Correction, suspension, and erasure of personal information.
      Correction and suspension of the use of personal information
      When you notify us that ① if you are to correct the content based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law for the reason that personal information is not true, and ② if you are to stop using it based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law for the reason that it is handled beyond the scope of the purpose of use that has been announced in advance, or because it has been collected by false or other illegal means, we will conduct necessary investigations without delay after confirming that it is a request from the person in question, and based on the results, and we will correct or suspend the use of the content of the personal information and notify the person. In addition, if we decide not to correct or suspend the use, we will notify you to that effect.
    2. Erasing personal information
      If we find it necessary for us to comply with the request in case you request the removal of your personal information, we will verify that the request is made by you, remove the personal information, and notify the person to that effect.
    3. The provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 do not apply if we are not obliged to correct, etc. or suspend the use, etc. by the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws.
  7. Inquiry desk
    For any comments, questions, complaints, or other inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact us at the contact form provided on the “CONTACT” page of our website.
  8. Procedures for changing this policy
    1. We change this policy as necessary. However, if you make any changes to this policy that require legal consent, the changed policy will only apply to those who agree to the change in our predetermined way. When we change this policy, we will inform you of the timing and content of the enforcement of this changed policy by displaying it on our website and other appropriate methods.
    2. Except as stipulated in the proviso of the preceding paragraph, this changed policy shall be effective from the time it is posted on this website.

2October 15, 2019
Kaishun Kihara, CEO

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