Hibiya shop is designed under the concept of “Paradise of Coffee,”
and each floor represents how the coffee is made from farm to cup.

We have carefully selected Geisha worldwide,
and our patissier makes sweets and foods every day at the shop,
which brings out the delicious taste of the Geisha.

  • 1F / Entrance

    Forests, mists, and sunlights weave the loose time, which flows in Costa Rica and Panama’s highlands.

  • 2F / Forest

    The deep green forest, which nurtures Geisha, can feel the breath of nature from the sunlight filtering through the leaves and branches.

  • 3F / Garden

    The motif is “African bed and Patio,” which plays an essential role in drying during the refining process.

  • 4F / Factory

    It represents the Roastery Lab, which brings out the unique character of Geisha’s floral aroma.


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FURUMAI Coffee ※1
– Own farm HACIENDA COPEY Black Honey Lot3
HOT : ¥800 (Total¥880) / ICED : ¥ 850 (Total¥935)
New– Own farm HACIENDA COPEY Special Lot4
HOT : ¥800 (Total¥880) / ICED : ¥ 850 (Total¥935)
– El Injerto Washed Los Pinos
HOT : ¥800 (Total¥880) / ICED : ¥850 (Total¥935)
– Own farm HACIENDA COPEY Special Lot5
HOT : ¥1,300 (Total¥1,430)
New– ELIDA Washed Ds
HOT : ¥1,300 (Total¥1,430) / ICED : ¥1,400 (Total¥1,540)
– ESMERALDA Washed Mario 2D
HOT : ¥1,300 (Total¥1,430) / ICED : ¥1,400 (Total¥1,540)
– Own farm HACIENDA COPEY Special Lot6
HOT : ¥2,500 (Total¥2,750)

※1 The price varies depending on the Lot of beans.
※2 For takeaway only
※3 For dine in only
※4 Available on Online shop
※All listed prices are pre-taxed price. Consumption tax will be charged 10% for dine in, 8% for takeaway.



Yurakucho Toho Building, 1-6-3, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006, Japan
Open hour: All days 10:00-20:00
No scheduled holiday
Tel. 03-3517-4153

  • 0-minute walk from A4 Exit of Hibiya Station (H07 & I08)
  • 0-minute walk from A4 Exit of Yurakucho station (Y18)
  • 2-minute walk from C1 Exit of Ginza Station (G09 & M16)
  • 3-minute walk from Hibiya Exit of Yurakucho Station (JY30)
  • 3-minute walk from A11 Exit of Hibiya Station (C09)