Terms and Conditions

  • Article 1 (Purpose) This Term of Use (hereafter the “Code”) sets forth the terms and conditions of sale of the GESHARY COFFEE INC. (hereafter the “Company”) and the rights and obligations between the Company and the User or the Purchaser. Purchases of products sold on this site must be made upon agreeing with all of the codes.
  • Article 2 (Definitions) Terms used in this Agreement shall be defined as follows:
    ① ”This site” refers to the official site for GESHARY COFFEE operated by the Company.
    ② “Products” refers to products sold through online shops on This site.
    ③ “Users” means all people who are considering purchasing products using This site.
    ④ “Purchaser” shall mean a user who has applied for the Purchase of the Products and has accepted such application.
  • Article 3(Application) 1 Users will use the online shop of this site after agreeing to the Code.If you disagree with the Code, please do not use this site.
    2 The Code applies to all contracts between the Company and the Purchaser.
  • Article 4 (Sales Contract) 1 When a user applies to purchase a product following the method stipulated by the online shop of this site, the Company automatically sends an e-mail to confirm the content of the application.
    2 We arrange the products based on the contents of the application and send the shipping completion e-mail at the time of dispatch.Provided, however, that in the event the method of payment (hereinafter referred to as the “Method of Payment”) selected by the User at the time of applying for the purchase of the Products falls under any of the following items, we shall start arranging the Products, etc., at the time when such method of payment is deemed to be the official order
    ① In the case of upfront payments, the user pays the price by the prescribed payment period. We regard this as a formal order when we confirm the payment. If the user does not make payment by the prescribed payment period, we will cancel the order.
    ② In the case of a deferred payment, we regard it as a formal order when we confirm the approval of the settlement agent. When we confirm the denial of the settlement agent company, we notify the user and cancel the order.
    3 A sales contract shall be concluded between us and the user who made the purchase application when the shipping completion e-mail from us arrived at the user based on the preceding paragraph.
    4 The e-mails in the preceding two sections are sent to the specified e-mail address when the users apply to purchase the product. If we are unable to send the confirmation e-mail by error, etc., due to a mistake in the entry of an e-mail address, we will treat the application as a cancellation.
  • Article 5 (Payment, etc.) 1 When the sales contract outlined in the preceding article is concluded, the Purchaser shall be obliged to pay for the products by the payment method selected at the time of the application. (hereafter the “Payment Method”).
    2 The Purchaser bears the shipping fees for the products and the additional expenses incurred by the method of payment (such as cash on delivery charges).
  • Article 6 (Shipment of products) The timing of shipments of products to the purchasers will be set according to the purchase guidelines.
  • Article 7 (Delivery of products) 1 Delivery of the Products shall be completed when the products arrive at the destination designated by the Purchaser. However, the delivery destination is limited within Japan only.
    2 When applying for the Purchase of products, the Company can specify the delivery date and time in the manner that the Company designates. However, the delivery date and time are approximate and do not guarantee the relevant date and time.
    3 If the Purchaser is an absence at the time of delivery of the product, the delivery company we commission (hereafter the “Courier”) may deposit it in the delivery box. In this case, the delivery of the Products is completed when the Products are posted to the delivery box. In addition, in the event a change in the place of receipt by the Courier is available, the delivery of the products shall be completed upon completion of the response at the Purchaser’s request to the location of receipt.
  • Article 8 (Return of products, etc.) The Purchase Guidelines shall apply to the conditions and deadlines of the products in case of defect products.
  • Article 9 (Handling of Personal Information) The Company will handle personal information provided under the Company’s privacy policy.
  • Article 10 (Prohibitions) The User and the Purchaser shall not take the following actions:
     ① Purchase for profit such as Resale
     ② Resale of products for profit after Purchase
     ③ To assign or pledge to a third party the rights accrued under the sales contract with the Company
     ④ Conduct other illegal acts, such as spoofing, or conduct that violates public order and morals
  • Article 11 (Termination of Contract) 1 The Company may cancel the individual sales contract upon prompt notice to the Purchaser if we determine that the Purchaser fails to accept the receipt of the products or cannot deliver the products for the convenience of the Purchaser. In this case, the Company can charge the Purchaser for the expenses the Company has incurred.
    2 The Company may cancel the individual sales contract without giving any notice when the Purchaser comes under any of the following items:
    ① Failure to complete payment to the Company
    ② In the event, any false information is found in the information provided to the Company
    ③ In the event of a breach of this Code
    ④ Other cases where the company judge reasonably inappropriate for the continuation of transactions
    3 The Company shall not be liable in any way for any damage suffered by the Purchaser due to the cancellation of the contract outlined in the preceding two paragraphs.
  • Article 12 (Indemnification for Force Majeure) The Company is not liable for default in the event of an inability or delay in the performance of a purchase or sale contract due to, or for reasons not attributable to, unavoidable forces, such as an accident or breakdown of transportation facilities such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, storms, heavy rains, floods, fires, infectious diseases or other natural disasters, wars, terrorism, riots, strikes or other social disasters or incidents, automobiles, airplanes, railways, ships, etc.
  • Article 13 (Amendment of the Code and Jurisdiction by Agreement) 1 The contents of this Code may be changed without prior or subsequent approval of the User if deemed necessary by the Company.
    2 This Code shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Japan. In the event of any dispute in connection with the sales contract for the products and the Code, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall assume exclusive jurisdiction as the court of the first instance.

Established Sep. 4, 2020