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2022年4月14日 Menu

■Soy meat Hamburger with Fresh Vegetables & Chili Beans

This hearty and spicy soy meat hamburger is made with plenty of fresh vegetables and colorful chili beans. The lingering spiciness of the barbecue sauce made with smoked red peppers and spiced chili beans combines with the refreshing sweetness of sprouts and kale to enhance the unimaginable taste and texture of the soy meat patty.
※This is a VEGAN-friendly menu.

■Geisha Soft Serve

The luxurious use of gorgeously fragrant Geisha espresso, combined with fresh milk from Hokkaido, confines the aroma of Geisha and creates a rich, smooth coffee soft serve ice cream. Topped by Geisha caramel and Geisha powder, the combination of Geisha allows you to enjoy the various aspect of the Geisha flavor. In addition, our original GESHARY Apple Pie is added as an accent, and it gently conditions the cooled mouth.

■Geisha Affogato

With our selected Geisha espresso, you can enjoy our Geisha soft serve in an affogato style. Enjoy a special moment provided by the harmony of the exquisite sweetness and fruitiness produced by the espresso, which has a gorgeous and deep flavor, and the soft serve ice cream with a smooth texture and is full of the richness of milk.

■Geisha Coffee Pudding ~Geisha Caramel of Your Choice~

This coffee pudding is made with the luxurious use of fresh milk from Hokkaido and gorgeously fragrant Geisha espresso. You will gently feel Geisha’s mellow aroma from the moment you take a bite, and the rich milky taste smoothly melts comfortably in your mouth. Please enjoy it by adding the Geisha caramel as you like.

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