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2020/8/7 menu

We will start serving new sweets “Petit fours” 3 types beginning from Saturday, August 8th. These items are focused on pairing with Geisha. Using a limited amount of oil, and emphasized on the taste of the fruit, to avoid interfering with the flavor of Geisha. 【Raspberry Mousse ~Raspberry & Strawberry~】 【Mango Mousse ~Passion fruit & Mango caramel~】 【Muscat Mousse ~Muscat & Peach yogurt~】 We made petit and cute sweets. Please enjoy pairing with our Geisha.

New beans will be added on the menu on January 20th!

2020/1/17 menu

Longboard Natural Windy Ridge is one of the highest quality GEISHA we have, and we proudly present the lot which received the award at the Best of Panama 2019! Available for a limited time only!! We are also introducing Bolivian farm Agro Takesi for the first time! Please enjoy the new flavor of GEISHA.

We are serving GESHA VILLAGE beans now!

2020/1/15 menu

Panama Geisha is globally famous, but its origin is Gesha in Ethiopia. <FURUMAI COFFEE> GESHA VILLAGE Narsha RSV3a / Natural (Ethiopia) Flavor: Raspberry, Plum, Lemongrass HOT:¥1,300+tax

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