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2022年6月2日 Menu

“Los Cenizos Natural BOP-GN8”
This BOP-winning lot uses only the ripe coffee cherries selected by expert pickers. It was slowly dried on African beds for four weeks to achieve the ideal moisture content. The elegant bright acidity of the Geisha, combined with the sweet texture brought out by the processing. It is a gem with various flavors such as Floral, Citrus, and Tropical Fruits.

・FURUMAI coffee
 HOT: ¥2,500(total ¥2,750)
 ICED: ¥2,650(total ¥2,915)
・Roasted Beans 80g: ¥8,000(total ¥8,640)
・Drip Bag: 1pc ¥1,480(total ¥1,598) 5pcs ¥7,400(total ¥7,992)

※We adjust our recipes every morning to ensure our customers enjoy the best quality coffee. Therefore, we may change the menu without notice. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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