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2023年3月2日 Menu

“Jairo Arcila Special Lot166”
This Geisha receives the benefits of Colombia’s unique terroir, which has fertile volcanic soil, moderate sunlight, and temperature difference. After 40 hours of anaerobic fermentation, the coffee cherries are slowly sundried until the ideal moisture content is achieved. This cup has bright acidity reminiscent of Cranberry and a texture like Dark Chocolate.

・FURUMAI coffee
 HOT: ¥800(total ¥880)
・Roasted Beans 80g: ¥2,200(total ¥2,376)
・Drip Bag: 1pc ¥480(total ¥518) 5pcs¥2,400(total ¥2,592)

“Own farm HACIENDA COPEY Special Don KS Lot13”
The Don KS plot is located in a basin of the farm. The significant temperature differences and the fertile soil nurture flavorful coffee cherries. This lot is fermented moderately to maximize the fresh acidity in the early harvest coffee cherries. This coffee has acidity reminiscent of Orange and a Chocolate-like texture.

・Roasted Beans 80g: ¥2,200(total ¥2,376)
・Drip Bag: 1pc ¥480(total ¥518) 5pcs¥2,400(total ¥2,592)

“LERIDA Natural Monniche BOP-GN17”
This BOP award-winning coffee is an extraordinary micro lot to celebrate its 100th anniversary since Tollef B Monniche moved to the farm. Only the highest quality coffee cherries are selected and dried for four weeks. This particular cup is perfect for the 100th anniversary, with a sweetness and acidity reminiscent of Sakurambo and slight spiciness in an elegant flavor.

・Roasted Beans 80g: ¥8,000(total ¥8,640)
・Drip Bag: 1pc ¥1,480(total ¥1,598) 5pcs ¥7,400(total ¥7,992)

“Grilled Sandwich with Teriyaki Chicken & Homemade Tartar Sauce”
This sandwich is made with Teriyaki chicken marinated with salty-sweet sauce, rich homemade tartar sauce, with plenty of eggs sandwiched between crispy toasted rye bread. You can enjoy the refreshing citrus aroma and flavor by squeezing a slice of lemon. It allows you to enjoy the change in flavor.

¥780(total ¥858)

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