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2024年4月25日 Information

■LOS CENIZOS Washed Los Pinos Lot14

This lot is aerobically fermented for 48 hours after depulping. Then, the mucilage is washed off and dried on raised beds for 21 days. The floral aroma is reminiscent of various flowers, and the balance of sweetness with texture and acidity, as well as various fruity flavors of Tropical Fruits and Citrus, makes it a complex flavor.
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■LERIDA Natural Lot5

The coffee cherries were aerobically fermented for 18 days, then sealed in bags for anaerobic fermentation in a cool environment for 10 days, and then dried on raised beds for 23 days. While retaining the floral aroma and bright acidity characteristic of Geisha, the processing method has brought out sweetness with a texture reminiscent of Milk Chocolate.
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■Altieri Special Alessa DF

Altieri is a regular BOP award-winning farm. They won top prizes in three different categories at the BOP2023. This lot was refined by the “Dry Fermentation (DF)” method, named by Altieri, in which the moisture content is lowered before fermentation. The strong flavor is reminiscent of red fruit, and the processing method brings out flavor like a fruit wine.
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※We adjust our recipes every morning to ensure our customers enjoy the best quality coffee. Therefore, we may change the menu without notice. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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