Rocky Mountain Coffee

The farm’s owner Allan is the second son of the Hartmann family.
They have been in the coffee business for over a century.
The coffee with his deep love and care, is highly evaluated at the BOP competition.

  • Terroir

    Rocky Mountain Coffee is located at the foot of the Baru Volcano. They produce high-quality Geisha with the benefit of volcanic soil.

  • Process

    This lot is refined with 36 hours of fermentation after depulping, then dried for 28 days on African beds until it reaches 11% moisture content. It brings out an intense floral aroma and rich fruit flavors.

  • Taste

    Please enjoy this outstanding cup with an intense floral aroma reminiscent of Magnolia and rich fruit flavors such as White Peach and Muscat.

Rocky Mountain Coffee
Promising newcomer to the Panama coffee industry.

Rocky Mountain Coffee
Santa Clara
Harvest season

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