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2023年8月3日 Menu


TAKARA plot is located on a mountain ridge with a gentle slope that serves as the wind’s path. Unique terroir, inhabiting ancient plants, nurtures coffee cherries full of fruits. The traditional Honey process brings out the sweetness of the coffee cherry itself. This cup has fresh acidity reminiscent of Lime and mild sweetness like Sugar Cane.
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■Mario Marin Natural G1

Mario Marin is in the highland, where a vast temperature difference nurtures sweet coffee cherries. This lot is rested in a cold dark room for two weeks when the moisture content reaches 15%. Then, it returns to the raised beds to dry until it reaches the ideal moisture content. As a result, it has sweetness and acidity like Blueberry with an aroma like Guava.
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■Asian Submarine Sandwich with Chicken Breast & Vegetables

This sandwich is made with juicy chicken breast, and its umami spreads throughout the mouth when you bite. Also, refreshingly sour pickles with a crunchy texture and plenty of fresh vegetables are sandwiched. Adding nam pla (fish sauce), green chili pepper sauce, and shiso (herb) gives a spicy taste and refreshing flavor. Sprinkled pink peppers give extra flavor and color to the sandwich. Despite its hearty appearance, the refreshing taste of this sandwich will make you come back for more. A perfect cold sandwich for the summer.
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※We adjust our recipes every morning to ensure our customers enjoy the best quality coffee. Therefore, we may change the menu without notice. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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