Finca Hartmann

The Hartmann family has been in the coffee business for over a century.
They inherit their father’s philosophy of loving nature. They produce eco-friendly coffee while protecting native forests and fauna.

  • Terroir

    This farm is located at a highland of 1,300–2,000m and contiguous to La Amistad international park, which straddles Costa Rica and Panama. Coffee cherries grown at high altitudes ripen slowly, and the sugar content of Geisha gradually increases.

  • Process

    This lot is fermented for 48 hours and then washed. After drying on African beds for 12 days, it was slowly dried for 12 days in a dark room.

  • Taste

    Please enjoy a complex taste with cleanness reminiscent of Green Apple and Hyuganatsu, a smooth texture like Yellow Peach, and a floral aroma like Jasmine brought out by traditional washed processing and drying.

Finca Hartmann
A century-old farm that carries the legacy of love for nature.

Finca Hartmann
Santa Clara
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