El Injerto

The Aguirre family cultivated a primeval forest to become the core of the local industry and named the place “El Injerto.”
They maintain high quality by a centralized management system while protecting nature.

  • Terroir

    A 1000-year-old primeval forest surrounds the farm and creating an exceptional terroir. Panama Geisha grows slowly in the highest elevation of the Los Pinos plot.

  • Process

    They implement the original screening method “Peak Performance Process (P3)” by skilled pickers throughout the processing to stand out the flavor.

  • Taste

    Hand sorting by skilled pickers and original processing methods such as 24-hour water exposure after removing pulp and mucilage brings out the gorgeous aroma and Citrus flavor.

El Injerto
Thoughts into “El Injerto.”

El Injerto
1,750 - 1,920m
Harvest season
January - February

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