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2023年8月9日 Menu

■LONGBOARD Natural Misty Mountain

Justin grows coffee by natural farming and continuously pursues ways to bring out the characteristics of Geisha. This lot is fermented with natural coffee cherries’ yeast for 24 hours. Then, it is dried in four steps to reach 10% moisture content. Floral aromas like Lavender have complex fruity flavors reminiscent of Raspberry, Orange, and Nectarine.
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■KOTOWA Natural Duncan Lot153

In this lot, coffee cherries are sprayed with yeast after harvesting and then fermented for 24 hours in tanks maintained at 20℃. It is then slowly dried for 23 days to bring out its characteristic alcoholic flavor. It has an aroma like Bergamot, an acidity reminiscent of Red Currant, and a unique, refreshing alcoholic taste like an Herbal Liqueur.
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■El Injerto Washed Los Pinos

The Los Pinos plot is named after a Pinetree, serving as shade trees. These trees protect the coffee cherries from direct sunlight, producing uniform ripeness and stabilizing the flavor. 24 hour water exposure after removing pulp and mucilage with water brings out the excellent balance of floral aroma reminiscent of Jasmine and Bergamot with citric acidity.
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※We adjust our recipes every morning to ensure our customers enjoy the best quality coffee. Therefore, we may change the menu without notice. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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