Agro Takesi

Located in the Andes mountains, a four-hour drive from the capital La Paz.
The abundant thaw water is used for processing, and the blessings of nature are used to produce rare coffee.

  • Terroir

    The coffee cherries take about 11 months to fully ripens and condense a high sugar content by cultivating in the highlands, which produces exceptional flavor.

  • Process

    They spend six months to harvest only the fully riped cherry at five different plots and practice the production to maximize the bean’s potential in all processes such as depulp, fermentation, and drying.

  • Taste

    An elegant aroma and a flavor reminiscent of citrus fruits are created by the washed process based on terroir.

Agro Takesi
A farm in the sky with the blessings of the Los Andes.

Agro Takesi
La Paz
1,880 – 1,950m
Harvest season
September – February

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