Las Alasitas

At Las Alasitas Farm, based on the owner Pedro’s belief, they practice sustainable farm management that maintains quality and quantity to coexist with small-scale local producers.

  • Terroir

    With its high altitude and steep slopes along the Central Andes, Bolivia produces coffee with a unique flavor while the production environment is harsh.

  • Process

    A Peaberry is rare, and since there is only one seed per coffee cherry, it is said that the nutrients are concentrated, increasing the sweetness. This lot is sorted by five-stage using machine and handpick to produce a flavor taking advantage of this characteristic consistently.

  • Taste

    It presents a Herbs and Citrus aroma through the nose and soft sweetness.

Las Alasitas
Practicing sustainable farm management that coexists with small-scale producers.

Las Alasitas
La Paz
1,464 - 1,750m
Harvest season

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