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2023年12月21日 Menu

■BAMBITO Washed Euphoria

The coffee cherries from blessed terroir are dried for six days after removing pulp and mucilage with water. Carefully washed processing brings out the characteristics of the terroir and variety. This cup has an elegant aroma reminiscent of Jasmine and a bright citric acidity. As the name suggests, this cup will fill you with “Euphoria.”
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■ESMERALDA Natural Portón 4N

This lot has come from the newest farm called “El Velo,” which has volcanic soil and abundant rainfall. ESMERALDA’s pride in highly precise sorting skills brings a clean taste and distinct Geisha character. As a result, it has an elegant aroma reminiscent of Jasmine, a refreshing acidity like Grapefruit, and a subtle sweetness like Cashew Nut.
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■KOTOWA Special Duncan Lot1119

This lot was anaerobically fermented in a stainless steel tank with lactic acid bacteria for 24 hours, then aerobically fermented. Carefully monitor the condition of the coffee cherries through three drying steps. These processes bring out complex flavors such as an elegant aroma, acidity like Cassis, creamy mouthfeel, rich texture and sweetness reminiscent of Apricot.
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■JANSON Washed Los Alpes Lot191

Los Alpes has a vast temperature difference between day and night. On the farm, there are many shade trees to protect coffee cherries from rapid temperature changes. The coffee cherries with a high sugar content from the environment are refined with anaerobic fermentation after depulping. This cup has an elegant aroma, clean, vibrant acidity, and a sweet aftertaste.
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※We adjust our recipes every morning to ensure our customers enjoy the best quality coffee. Therefore, we may change the menu without notice. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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