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Limited time product

We have prepared an assorted set for a limited time
that allows you to compare Geisha with various processing methods.
Enjoy the difference in aroma and taste
created by the four types of processing, from traditional to unique.

Tasting set by Own farm

This assorted set of Geisha from our farm, "HACIENDA COPEY" in Costa Rica, has been processed differently. You can enjoy a comparison of the traditional "Natural process," "Black Honey process," and unique Anaerobic fermentation.

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Processing method

The processing method is the procedure of extracting coffee beans(seeds) from coffee cherries. Various methods, such as the "Natural process" in which coffee cherries are dried as they are harvested and the "Washed process" in which the pulp and mucilage are removed, fermented, washed with water then dried. The taste of coffee changes greatly depending on the processing method.