Announcing change of operation hour.

2019/12/16 Information

Thank you for your continuous support. We have changed our operation hours starting January 2nd, 2020.
New operation hours
Monday through Friday 9:00~22:00 Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 10:00~22:00    

GESHARY COFFEE Hibiya opening.

2019/10/15 Events

The Hibiya Store in GESHARY COFFEE will open at 11:11 on November 1, 2019. To commemorate the opening, we will present GESHARY COFFEE original mugs to the first 30 customers! “Wilford Ramastas Jr.” from Elida Estate, who won first place at Panama’s international competition and auctions “Best of Panama 2019” on the day, and “Kai Janson” from Janson Coffee Farm, who took second place, will come to furnish our opening. We will hold a free coffee tasting event to taste Elida Estate and Janson Coffee Farm! FURUMAI ambassadors Yoshiharu Sakamoto, Yoshi Iwase, Berg Wu, Stefanos Domatiotis, and Benjamin Put also join us to support our opening. It is a very rare chance to taste the coffee extracted from the recipes they developed on the FURUMAI!  


2019/10/15 Information

In GESHARY COFFEE, we are looking for colleagues to work with us. Would you like to try offering the best coffee using the only geisha, along with unique sweets, together with an impression that the customer has never experienced before? Click for more detail

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