We have terrace seats now.

2020/10/14 Information

Autumn is here, and the weather has cooled down.
How about enjoying a relaxed coffee time outside.
Please enjoy Geisha Coffee in the middle of Hibiya under the Autumn air.

Online shop available.

2020/9/4 Information

We started GESHARY COFFEE Online today. We carefully select and provide Geisha from around the world including our own farm HACIENDA COPEY.
Drip Bag set, Roasted Beans, Assort, Gift Box are available.
Please note, international shipping is not available.

New Sweets Menu

2020/8/7 Menu

We will start serving new sweets “Petit fours” 3 types beginning from Saturday, August 8th.
These items are focused on pairing with Geisha. Using a limited amount of oil, and emphasized on the taste of the fruit, to avoid interfering with the flavor of Geisha.
【Raspberry Mousse ~Raspberry & Strawberry~】
【Mango Mousse ~Passion fruit & Mango caramel~】
【Muscat Mousse ~Muscat & Peach yogurt~】
We made petit and cute sweets.
Please enjoy pairing with our Geisha.

Change of open hour

2020/6/12 Information

GESHARY COFFEE will be open from 11:00~18:00 till 6/21(Sun). It will be open from 10:00~20:00 from 6/22(Mon). *Open hours may change without prior announcement. Thank you for understanding and your kind support.

New arrival on food menu!

2020/6/1 Menu

Focaccia sandwich for Vegan was made along with the renewal of the original Focaccia sandwich!
Focaccia Sandwich with Mortadella Sausage and Roquette(Right)
Focaccia Sandwich with Avocado and Tofu-Mozzarella(Left)

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