Commemorating the COE award “HACIENDA COPEY FAIR”

2021/7/14 information

From July 15th (Thu) to August 15th (Sun),
“HACIENDA COPEY Fair” will be held to
commemorate winning 2nd at the Cup of Excellence award.

・Limited item “COLD BREW tasting set”
We will serve a limited tasting set of
4 different processing Geisha during the fair.

It will be served in a limited quantity per day during the fair.
Please enjoy different flavor and taste of Lot3, Lot5, Lot7, Lot9.

Unvailed lots from our farm are scheduled to be released.

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Our farm “HACIENDA COPEY” won 2nd place at CUP OF EXCELLENCE COSTA RICA 2021.

2021/6/23 information

The most prestigious coffee competition,
CUP OF EXCELLENCE COSTA RICA, was held in June 2021.
It sets the value of coffee beans, and our farm
“HACIENDA COPEY” won 2nd place.

Cup of Excellence is held in countries that produce
high-quality specialty coffee.
Evaluated by the world’s leading international judges
with an abundant cupping experience.
Top lots are traded at high prices at online auctions.
It is the most prestigious competition that determines
the value of coffee beans, which attracts global attention.

We have the concept of “Farm to Cup” to deliver the best cup.
Our group consistently manages from cultivation at farm,
export and import, roasting, to serving at the cafe.
Currently, HACIENDA COPEY’s Geisha can be enjoyed only at the
Hibiya shop in Japan.

Black Honey Lot3 and Special Lot5 are currently available by FURUMAI coffee.
Our drip bag and roasted beans are also available at the store and online shop.

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“GEISHA ICED” & “GEISHA au lait Base” now on sale

2021/6/11 information

New gift product
“GEISHA ICED” & “GEISHA au lait Base” now on sale

It is Iced Coffee and Cafe au lait Base, made from
100% high-quality Geisha from our own farm, HACIENDA COPEY.
Appropriately remove the fines and chaff from the ground,
which causes bitterness and astringency, and use only the
“good” parts to stand out the unique flavor, clean taste,
and the natural sweetness of Geisha are bottled as they are.
No preservatives or fragrances are used to maximize the flavor and taste of Geisha.

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New food has been released!

2021/6/3 information

New Food menu
Summer Vegetable Quiche with Tomato Jelly & Spicy Tomato Sauce

It is a quiche using summer vegetables such as tomatoes,
broccoli, Manganji amatou, and four types of cheese.
The plate is decorated with tomato jelly, which was slowly
cooked at low temperature to extract only the flavor
and spicy tomato sauce.

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New food has been released!

2021/5/20 information, menu

New Food menu
“Coddled Egg Sandwich with Mortadella & Anchovy Tartar Sauce”

A refreshing cold egg sandwich with homemade tartar sauce
finished with mortadella, anchovies, shallot, and more, that will
stimulate your appetite.

Enjoy the exquisite harmony created by the texture of brioche and
coddled eggs and the taste of tartar sauce.

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