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Arrival of new food memu

2021/1/14 Menu

New food menu has been released.
Focaccia Sandwich with Teriyaki Chicken and Yuzu flavored Kujo leek

The sautéed Kujo leek with a refreshing scent of yuzu
adds an accent, and the harmony of teriyaki chicken and
rich tartar sauce is finished with a refreshing aftertaste.

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【Limited offer】Tasting set available.

2020/12/16 Menu

This product is available for a limited time.
Two different tasting set are available

Global selection from Costarica, Ethiopia etc, to taste various Geisha.

Panama selection is to taste Panama Geisha by various producers.

Both sets are available by Drip bag, or Roasted beans(20g each).

New vegan menu!

2020/12/15 Menu

New vegan menu has been released.
Open sandwich with Soy meat Bolognese & Vegan cheese

Vegan menu with soy meat can enjoy the texture like meat,
along with Bolognese sauce that uses red pepper to accent the taste,
combined with vegetables and vegan cheese to enjoy the texture on crispy bread.

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New Sweets are released.

2020/11/27 Menu

We have released 3 different Blancmange.
Elegant Almond flavor
【Green Tea】
The flavor of Maccha and bitter after taste.
The floral flavor of Geisha can only be enjoyed at GESHARY COFFEE.
Geisha powder is topped to add extra flavor and feeling.

New items on Food and Petitfours menu!

2020/11/13 Menu

Quiche with Cheese Tuile & Spinach & Mushroom has been released.

Geisha Tiramisù is another new item for Petitfours.

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