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New food has been released.

2021/12/9 Menu

Original Sandwich
~ Refreshingly Rich Tuna/Fresh Mellow Ham/Aromatic Egg ~
These sandwiches offer three different ingredients and tastes.
We have made it easy to go so that you can enjoy it in our shop, at home, at the office, or in the park.

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New food and sweets have been released.

2021/10/4 Menu

■Croque Madame with Mozzarella Cheese & Bacon
The light texture of crispy bread is produced by using whole wheat.
The egg on top, the béchamel sauce, and bacon make it rich yet light and nutritious.
You can also change the flavor with colorful baby leaves, mustard, and pink pepper.
Quick breakfast when you want to recharge your energy or when you are a little hungry?

■Gâteau Soufflé au Chocolat
The layers of soufflé and ganache are light on the palate, and when you take a bite, you can feel the rich cocoa and fruity flavors.
The soufflé and smooth ganache melt in your mouth and, leaving a rich floral aftertaste.
Two types of chocolate with different characteristics are used to create a complex cocoa flavor.
As the weather gets cooler, chocolate tastes even better, and we especially recommend this sweet for the coming season.
It is made to pair up with Geisha coffee, so please enjoy it with our coffee.

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New food has been released!

2021/6/3 Menu

New Food menu
Summer Vegetable Quiche with Tomato Jelly & Spicy Tomato Sauce

It is a quiche using summer vegetables such as tomatoes,
broccoli, Manganji amatou, and four types of cheese.
The plate is decorated with tomato jelly, which was slowly
cooked at low temperature to extract only the flavor
and spicy tomato sauce.

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New food has been released!

2021/5/20 Menu

New Food menu
“Coddled Egg Sandwich with Mortadella & Anchovy Tartar Sauce”

A refreshing cold egg sandwich with homemade tartar sauce
finished with mortadella, anchovies, shallot, and more, that will
stimulate your appetite.

Enjoy the exquisite harmony created by the texture of brioche and
coddled eggs and the taste of tartar sauce.

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New sweets has been released.

2021/4/28 Menu

New sweets menu
Citrus & Fresh Cheese Mousse

We have created a sweet that you can feel the acidity of
cheese and tastes of different fruits that you can enjoy refreshing.

The fresh summery taste of the pink grapefruit jelly and
mango sauce on top spreads throughout your mouth.

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