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2021/12/6 Information

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2nd Anniversary Special Offer

2021/11/1 Information

From 11/1 (Mon.) to 11/30 (Tue.),
We will be serving COE award-winning lots of our farm, HACIENDA COPEY, for SNS followers at a special price.
・Own farm HACIENDA COPEY Black Honey COE #2a
・Own farm HACIENDA COPEY Honey COE #16
We proudly present these award-winning lots.
We hope more customers experience the fresh Geisha while you can enjoy the flavors the most.
Our drip bag and roasted beans are also available at the Hibiya shop and online shop.
We hope you will enjoy them at home or as gifts for your loved ones.

We are sincerely looking forward to serving you.

2nd Anniversary Special Offer

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New food and sweets have been released.

2021/10/4 Menu

■Croque Madame with Mozzarella Cheese & Bacon
The light texture of crispy bread is produced by using whole wheat.
The egg on top, the béchamel sauce, and bacon make it rich yet light and nutritious.
You can also change the flavor with colorful baby leaves, mustard, and pink pepper.
Quick breakfast when you want to recharge your energy or when you are a little hungry?

■Gâteau Soufflé au Chocolat
The layers of soufflé and ganache are light on the palate, and when you take a bite, you can feel the rich cocoa and fruity flavors.
The soufflé and smooth ganache melt in your mouth and, leaving a rich floral aftertaste.
Two types of chocolate with different characteristics are used to create a complex cocoa flavor.
As the weather gets cooler, chocolate tastes even better, and we especially recommend this sweet for the coming season.
It is made to pair up with Geisha coffee, so please enjoy it with our coffee.

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Commemorating the COE award “HACIENDA COPEY FAIR”

2021/7/14 Information

From July 15th (Thu) to August 15th (Sun),
“HACIENDA COPEY Fair” will be held to
commemorate winning 2nd at the Cup of Excellence award.

・Limited item “COLD BREW tasting set”
We will serve a limited tasting set of
4 different processing Geisha during the fair.

It will be served in a limited quantity per day during the fair.
Please enjoy different flavor and taste of Lot3, Lot5, Lot7, Lot9.

Unvailed lots from our farm are scheduled to be released.

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Our farm “HACIENDA COPEY” won 2nd place at CUP OF EXCELLENCE COSTA RICA 2021.

2021/6/23 Information

The most prestigious coffee competition,
CUP OF EXCELLENCE COSTA RICA, was held in June 2021.
It sets the value of coffee beans, and our farm
“HACIENDA COPEY” won 2nd place.

Cup of Excellence is held in countries that produce
high-quality specialty coffee.
Evaluated by the world’s leading international judges
with an abundant cupping experience.
Top lots are traded at high prices at online auctions.
It is the most prestigious competition that determines
the value of coffee beans, which attracts global attention.

We have the concept of “Farm to Cup” to deliver the best cup.
Our group consistently manages from cultivation at farm,
export and import, roasting, to serving at the cafe.
Currently, HACIENDA COPEY’s Geisha can be enjoyed only at the
Hibiya shop in Japan.

Black Honey Lot3 and Special Lot5 are currently available by FURUMAI coffee.
Our drip bag and roasted beans are also available at the store and online shop.

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