“GEISHA ICED” & “GEISHA au lait Base” now on sale

2021/6/11 Information

New gift product
“GEISHA ICED” & “GEISHA au lait Base” now on sale

It is Iced Coffee and Cafe au lait Base, made from
100% high-quality Geisha from our own farm, HACIENDA COPEY.
Appropriately remove the fines and chaff from the ground,
which causes bitterness and astringency, and use only the
“good” parts to stand out the unique flavor, clean taste,
and the natural sweetness of Geisha are bottled as they are.
No preservatives or fragrances are used to maximize the flavor and taste of Geisha.

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2021/6/3 Menu

New Food menu
Summer Vegetable Quiche with Tomato Jelly & Spicy Tomato Sauce

It is a quiche using summer vegetables such as tomatoes,
broccoli, Manganji amatou, and four types of cheese.
The plate is decorated with tomato jelly, which was slowly
cooked at low temperature to extract only the flavor
and spicy tomato sauce.

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2021/5/20 Menu

New Food menu
“Coddled Egg Sandwich with Mortadella & Anchovy Tartar Sauce”

A refreshing cold egg sandwich with homemade tartar sauce
finished with mortadella, anchovies, shallot, and more, that will
stimulate your appetite.

Enjoy the exquisite harmony created by the texture of brioche and
coddled eggs and the taste of tartar sauce.

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New sweets has been released.

2021/4/28 Menu

New sweets menu
Citrus & Fresh Cheese Mousse

We have created a sweet that you can feel the acidity of
cheese and tastes of different fruits that you can enjoy refreshing.

The fresh summery taste of the pink grapefruit jelly and
mango sauce on top spreads throughout your mouth.

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New sweets has been released.

2021/4/22 Menu

New sweets menu
“Blood Orange & Chamomile Mousse”

We focused on expressing the fruitiness of Blood Orange
and the gentle finish of Chamomile
to finish it as a sweet that feels the season’s changing from spring to early summer.

The jelly on the top has juicy fruit, and the scent of Chamomile spreads in your mouth.

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