New sweets has been released.

2021/1/20 Menu

New sweets menu
“Strawberry Chocolat Mousse”
has been released.

It features a fluffy and light melting chocolate
mousse and fruity strawberry jelly.
The sweetness of chocolate melts with
the refreshing sourness of strawberries
makes you will never get tired of it.

You can enjoy the change in texture with
the crunch in the base as an accent.

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Arrival of new food memu

2021/1/14 Menu

New food menu has been released.
Focaccia Sandwich with Teriyaki Chicken and Yuzu flavored Kujo leek

The sautéed Kujo leek with a refreshing scent of yuzu
adds an accent, and the harmony of teriyaki chicken and
rich tartar sauce is finished with a refreshing aftertaste.

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Open hours following the announcement of “state of emergency”

2021/1/8 Information

Thank you for supporting us.

Due to the “state of emergency,”
the business hours will be shortened as below from Jan. 8th.
Open hours: All days 10:00-20:00

We will monitor the government and authority’s announcement and make additional changes as if necessary.
Thank you for kind support and understanding.

Open hours of New year holidays.

2020/12/25 Information

Thank you for supporting us.

Please see the below image for the GESHARY COFFEE Hibiya store’s open hours during the New year holidays.

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(日本語) Online shop 年末年始の発送について

2020/12/23 Information

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

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