(日本語) ゲイシャ体験セミナー 12/16(水) 開催のお知らせ

2020/12/4 Information, Events

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New Sweets are released.

2020/11/27 Menu

We have released 3 different Blancmange.
Elegant Almond flavor
【Green Tea】
The flavor of Maccha and bitter after taste.
The floral flavor of Geisha can only be enjoyed at GESHARY COFFEE.
Geisha powder is topped to add extra flavor and feeling.

New items on Food and Petitfours menu!

2020/11/13 Menu

Quiche with Cheese Tuile & Spinach & Mushroom has been released.

Geisha Tiramisù is another new item for Petitfours.

GO TO Travel Campaign

2020/11/6 Information

We accept printed and an electric coupon for GO TO Travel Campaign

Change on 1st Anniversary BOP Fair serving bean.

2020/11/5 Information, Events

We are receiving more oreder than we expected, and two beans has been sold out.
Thus, we will be serving Longboard Natural Windy Ridge BOP GNEP-13 from Nov.5th to Nov.8th.
Only we serve this bean, so please don’t miss it.
*Stock of the bean is limited. The Fair may end when the bean is sold out. Thank you for understanding.

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