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2020/11/6 Information

We accept printed and an electric coupon for GO TO Travel Campaign

Change on 1st Anniversary BOP Fair serving bean.

2020/11/5 Information, Events

We are receiving more oreder than we expected, and two beans has been sold out.
Thus, we will be serving Longboard Natural Windy Ridge BOP GNEP-13 from Nov.5th to Nov.8th.
Only we serve this bean, so please don’t miss it.
*Stock of the bean is limited. The Fair may end when the bean is sold out. Thank you for understanding.

1st Anniversary BOP Fair starts on Nov. 1st.

2020/10/29 Information, Events

GESHARY COFFEE HIBIYA will celebrate its first anniversary on Sunday, November 1st, 2020. To commemorate this, we will hold the “1st Anniversary BOP Fair” for eight days from November 1st (Sun) to November 8th (Sun) to express our gratitude to our customers.

We will use one of the three BOP awarded coffee each day for the espresso menu during the Fair.
-Esmeralda Washed BOP GW-06: Nov. 1st
-Janson Natural Alpes BOP GNEP-02: Nov. 3rd
-Longboard Natural Windy Ridge BOP GNEP-13: Nov. 2nd, 4th to 8th
*Schedule may change without notice.

・BOP Geisha Latte HOT/ICED ¥900+tax
・BOP Espresso Double HOT ¥850+tax
・BOP Tasting Set ¥900+tax
Please choose 2 items from below menu
-BOP Geisha Latte Hot S size
-BOP Espresso Machiat S size
-BOP Espresso Single
-BOP Americano S size

New beans are on sale from Oct. 21st

2020/10/21 Information, Menu

Mario Marin Special Vara Blanca Micro-mill and Ninety Plus Special BNP1997 are available from today.

Mario Marin is located in the Tarrazú region, which represents Costa Rica’s specialty coffee production area, they are fully utilizing their original micro-mill to create innovative processing methods.
You can enjoy the complex taste of geisha created by the combination of the terroir and processing method.

Ninety Plus is located in Volcán district, one of the best terroir producing areas in Panama. Opened in 2009, the farm mimics the Ethiopian wild coffee cultivation environment, pays homage to nature, and strives to reforest and protect the ecosystem.

Both of them are anaerobic processed coffee. Please enjoy the new fascination of Geisha.

We have terrace seats now.

2020/10/14 Information

Autumn is here, and the weather has cooled down.
How about enjoying a relaxed coffee time outside.
Please enjoy Geisha Coffee in the middle of Hibiya under the Autumn air.

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